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The Black Belt Activity is a quick, yet powerful, activity that can drive home a variety of training objectives.   

Empowerment and Creativity:  Setting goals is not enough
Telling people that they are now “empowered” to do things differently or setting a goal to suddenly “be more creative” is not enough. 

Selling: The challenge of changing habits
Even when the customer agrees that the new product is better or  safer, they still revert back to old habits.  This activity can help sales reps understand how quickly habits are established and how difficult they are to break.

Change:  When paradigms shift.
When faced with change, we all tend to bring innumerable assumptions from the old paradigm into the new one. This activity clearly demonstrates how difficult it can be to adapt to a changing environment.

These are just a few of the modules that we can customize to create a program that's right for your organization.

" Complex Problems almost always require complex solutions. " ...Donna Godfrey.

This workshop introduces a variety of tools to help teams ask the right questions, search for creative answers, and then organize their ideas into a workable plan.

 This is a hands on workshop that involves participants in "learn-then-do" activities where they can apply new concepts to solve problems.  

Giving teams the tools they need to create synergy and manage conflict lays the groundwork for High Performance.

Team Building

Mental Diversity

and Team Dynamics


Problem Solving

For over twenty years we have used the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument to help individuals and organizations gain greater insight into how they think, learn and communicate.

  • Participants use the instrument to identify their own unique preferences regarding decision making, learning, and communicating.

  • Teams develop a common language for discussing differences in the way they approach problems or make decisions.

  • Team composites allow the group to literally "see" areas of alignment and diversity within the group.

The Black Belt