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High Performing Teams value diversity and learn to manage the inherent conflict that comes with it.

Mental Diversity and Team Dynamics

"Your presentation and breakout sessions on Mental Diversity and Team Dynamics were motivating and engaging.  While personally very impressed with your knowledge and riveting speaking style, even more impressive, was the overwhelmingly positive feedback from virtually every Executive Leadership participant."
Kimberly A Siniscalchi
Major General, USAF
Assistant Surgeon General, Nursing Services

"Seeing the places where we are similar and where we are VERY different was eye opening.  Now I understand where some of our conflict starts.  And for us, understanding is a huge step forward."
Member, AANA Board of Directors

"The group composite was critical for me.  I've always felt like an outsider in the group.  Now, I think the team understands me better and values what I can bring to the table. "
Product Launch Team Member, Novartis
Diverse teams often inhabit the extreme ends of the performance continuum.  They have the potential to innovate, create synergy, and perform at levels that far exceed the norm.  Unfortunately, they can also become fractured, polarized, and riddled with conflict.  

Giving teams the tools they need to create synergy and manage conflict lays the groundwork for High Performance.  

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

What our Clients Say...

The Herrmann Brain dominance Instrument is a tool that can help individuals and organizations gain greater insight into how they think, learn and communicate.
  -  Originally developed in a corporate environment to help business leaders communicate more effectively
  -  Participants identify their own unique preferences regarding decision making, learning, and communicating.
  -  Team composites allow the group to literally "see" areas of alignment and diversity within the group.

Building Strength from Diversity