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Change can be disorienting and disturbing, and it often brings the twin forces of chaos and creativity into play. We can conduct custom programs, from keynote speeches to full days sessions, on this topic.  Our programs introduce leaders to many of the skills they will need to help individuals and teams thrive in an environment of high change.

Topics Include:
  • A Brief Over-View of Changing Trends and Demographics
  • Generations Theory and Its Application in Team Dynamics
  • Extrapolating the Impact These Trends Will Have on You, Your Department, or Your Business
  • Privacy vs. Transparency in the Age of Social Media
  • The Role that Grief Plays..Even When the Change is Positive and Welcome
  • Common Reactions to Change
  • The Role of Leadership in Successfully Moving Teams Through Change

These are just a few of the modules that we can use to customize a program that's right for your organization


" Complex Problems almost always require complex solutions. "            Donna Godfrey.

This workshop introduces a variety of tools to help teams ask the right questions, search for creative answers, and then organize their ideas into a workable plan.  This is a hands on workshop that involves participants in "learn-then-do" activities where they can apply new concepts to solve problems.  

Topics Include:
  • Starbursting Techniques to Explore All Sides and Dimensions of a Problem
  • Asking the Right Questions to Get the Right Answers
  • Mind-Mapping to Facilitate Fast and Efficient Planning and Organization
  • Group Problems Solving and Consensus Building Techniques

This workshop focuses on skills sets that every leader needs but that few ever get in any formal way.

Topics Include:
  • How to handle introductions in a business setting How to start a conversation with a group of strangers
  • How to gracefully move out of a conversation
  • How to deliver a 30 second sales pitch
  • Tips on making toasts and speeches
  • Do's and don'ts of teleconferences and video-conference
  • How to push a meeting back on track...when you aren't in charge of the meeting

Supplemental Segments:
As a supplement to these modules, many clients add segments that address facilitation skills, meeting management, and group decision making.  

Leading in a High Change Environment


Problem Solving

How to Work a Room 

and Other Things They Didn't Teach You in College