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In today's business environment the cost of pulling a team together is high, both in terms of logistics and in terms of the time away from their other commitments.  A global team meeting is simply an expensive proposition.  

Professional Meeting Facilitation can help you get the most out of your valuable time.  

\We can help you :
  -  Set and communicate clear goals, objectives, and deliverables.
  -  Define a workable and realistic agenda based on the time allotted and the needs of the group.
  -  Watch non-verbal cues from the group as well as record verbal comments.
  -  Push the group to assign a point person, timetables, and deliverables for each action item they agree on.

Good meeting do not happen by chance.  They are the product of good planning, coordination, execution, and follow-up.  

Many technical and healthcare professionals find themselves in leadership positions with little or no real training in communication or business management.  We specialize in helping talented professionals successfully transition into leadership roles.  

Potential Candidates:
  -  Technically proficient individuals who need to build the communication skills that will eneable them to promote and gain acceptance for their ideas.
  -  Inexperienced managers who need support through their first budget or performance review process.
  -  Long term employees who resist or who have not kept up with key changes in the business environment.

Common Discussion Topics Between an Executive Coach and a Client
  -  Preparing for a tough performance discussion or the delivery of a less than stellar performance review
  -  Managing/resolving conflict on the team
  - Organizing thoughts and planning a workable agenda for a difficult meeting
  -  Strategizing and defining priorities as a project or department moves forward.

Customized Training 

Meeting Facilitation

When people come together, teams are built, skills are honed, and issues can be worked out. In an environment where gathering people together in one location takes planning and coordination, you want every minute to count.  Making the most of training time requires focus, customization, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of your business.

At Godfrey Training Associates, there are no "off the shelf" programs.  

Every time we walk into a classroom or meeting, we do so with materials and concepts chosen specifically to meet the needs of one particular group of individuals.  

Executive Coaching

Customized Training, Coaching, and Facilitation