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Too often, misunderstanding and conflicts erupt on teams because no one knows how to ask a sensitive question or open a difficult conversation.  No one wants to offend a team mate or make a situation worse.  However, failure to ask that critical question or address a tough situation can lead to stress, distrust, and arguments.  

Topics Include:
  • Our General Distrust of Questions
  • Asking a Sensitive Question Without Triggering Defensiveness
  • Strategies to Use When Opening a Critical or Charged Conversation
  • Listening For and Addressing Personal and Professional Needs
  • Balancing the Need to Both Hear and Be Heard

Advanced Communication Skills:

Asking Sensitive Questions and Addressing Difficult Issues

These are just a few of our customizable modules:

Communication Skills

Many teams find themselves drowning in information, unable to locate the data they need to make a decision and complete a project.  This workshop offers suggestions and options to help teams streamline their communication process.  

Topics Include:
  • Asking Streamlined Questions to Get the Data You Need.
  • Numbering and Prioritizing Information.
  • Getting More Mileage out of the Subject Line.
  • Responding with a Core Answer - Then Elaborating.
  • Developing Communication Norms and Short Hand.

Meetings: The Good, The Bad,

and the Very, Very Ugly



To run a productive meeting, you must manage both the process and the people.  This straight forward course on meeting management brings together these two critical skills sets.

Topics Include:
  • Creating and Using a Time Sensitive Agenda.
  • Basic Presentation Skills
  • Leading Teleconferences
  • Managing Mixed Meetings  (On-site + Off-site)
  • Controlling "churning" within the meeting.
  • Dealing with Side Conversations.
  • Tracking Actions Items and Due Dates