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Move-In Day for Freshman:

A perfect example of the mixed emotional stew that comes with a big change. 

For both parents and students, this day may be filled with fear, excitement, sadness, anxiety, pride, and happiness. Simultaneously! 

Change can be disorienting and disturbing, and it often brings the twin forces of chaos and creativity into play. We can conduct custom programs, from keynote speeches to full days sessions, on this topic.  Our programs introduce leaders to many of the skills they will need to help individuals and teams thrive in an environment of high change.

Topics Include:
  • A Brief Over-View of Changing Trends and Demographics
  • How to Extrapolate the Impact These Trends May Have on You, Your Department, or Your Business
  • Generations Theory and Its Application in Team Dynamics
  • The Role that Grief Plays..Even When the Change is Positive and Welcome
  • Common Reactions to Change
  • The Role of Leadership in Successfully Moving Teams Through Change

Companies need leaders who can see the future, share their vision, and inspire others to move in a new direction.

Change Management

  • Change never starts with a 'new beginning'.  Change always starts with an 'ending'.
  • Change is almost always accompanied by grief...even when the change is seen as something positive and welcome. 
  • During a big change, people may be excited, scared, frustrated, energized, and uncertain.  All at the same time.
  • It takes people and organizations much longer to settle into a 'New Normal' than most people anticipate.  

Leading in a High Change Environment

A Few Truths About Change

Customized Training, Coaching, and Facilitation