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  • Certified Trainer - Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (with 20+ years Experience)

  • Certified Trainer - Consultative Selling Skills

  • Master Trainer - Interaction Mgmt/ Techniques for an Empowered Workforce (DDI)

  • Creator of The Black Belt

    Exercise®, an interactive game about change and empowerment

About Donna Godfrey

In today's global environment, physically pulling a team together is an expensive proposition.  To make the most of your training time and budget, we customize every program to fit the specific needs of your business and individuals involved. 

Recent Programs:

Leading a Change Initiative:  Nucor Steel

  • Telling Your Story
  • Making an Impact
  • Influencing the Process
  • Maintaining Momentum

The US Air Force Executive Leadership Symposium

  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Understanding the Process of Change
  • Multi-Dimentional Problem Solving

Board of Directors Alignment:  The Amer. Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists

  • On-boarding New Members
  • Assessing Strengths and Blind Spots
  • Fast-Forwarding the Team Building Process

Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy: Mental Diversity Keynote

  • Communicating with Diverse Audiences
  • Leveraging Your Personal Strengths as a Leader
  • Strategies for Managing Blind Spots

About Our Owner

Our Valued Clients:

  • Nucor Steel

  • The US Air Force

  • The Amer. Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists

  • The NC Manufacturers Association

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • The Rheumatology Nurses Society

  • The FL Assoc. of Physicians Assistants

  • Novartis

  • Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy

  • Medical University of South Carolina

  • SAFEchild

Godfrey Training Associates was launched in 1994 by Donna Godfrey.  She specializes in helping technical professionals without a business background transition into leadership positions where they need to build teams, introduce change, resolve conflicts, and negotiate team priorities.