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Change Management

New leaders in technical fields often find themselves with few mentors, and little or no real training in communication or business management.  We can provide in the moment support or on-going coaching.

Physically pulling a team together is an expensive proposition.  Professional Meeting Facilitation can help you get the most out of your valuable time.  

Executive Coaching

Meeting Facilitation

Mental Diversity

Communication Skills

It's the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity into your organization.  A shared vision, interlocking goals, and genuine commitment are the ingredients that create strong teams.

High performing teams welcome diversity and manage the inherent friction that comes with it.  Learning to value diverse points of view lays the groundwork for high performance.

In order to understand a problem, leaders and team members must be able to open difficult conversations and ask sensitive questions, without creating conflict or defensiveness.  

Identifying and developing leaders at all levels is a critical success factor in business today.

​In a world with dispersed teams and virtual collaboration, coaching and motivating are both more important and more difficult.

Change cannot really be managed.  However,  leaders and teams can understand and manage their response to change and work to create an environment where change is embraced rather than ignored.

Performance Management

The Power of Focused, Customized Training

Team Building

Our most popular programs

  • Mental Diversity and Team Dynamics

  • Leading in a High Change Environment

  • Group Problem Solving and Consensus Building

  • Whole Brain Team Building

  • How to Work a Room and Other Things They Don't Teach You in College

  • The Coaching Continuum

  • Thriving in a High Change Environment

In an environment where gathering people together in one location takes planning and coordination, you need to make every minute count.  Making the most of training time requires focus, customization, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of each individual client.


Customized Training, Coaching, and Facilitation